Himalayan Yak Cheese - 250gms

Himalayan Yak Cheese - 250gms


Yak Cheese from Jiri, Dolakha. 

The Yak Cheese was three times higher in omega-3 fatty acids than the cheddar cheese. In particular, yak cheese was rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of omega-3 fatty acid also found in flaxseeds and other plants. Yak cheese is considered healthy to consume as it provides various calcium that our body requires. Nepal is known as first Asian country to produce western-style cheese with domestic animal called Yak. Yak milk (actually "Dri" milk -- female Yak are called "dri" in Tibet; "nak" in Nepal) has a good fat content for cheese of about 7% (milk from cows ranges from 3% to 4%), though a single Dri will only produce as much milk as a goat.




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