Karnali Foxtail Millet / Kaguno  - 1kg

Karnali Foxtail Millet / Kaguno - 1kg


Foxtail millet is a gluten free grain is and the second most commonly grown species. It is one of the oldest cultivated millet. Generally grown in semi-arid regions, it has a low water requirement, though it does not recover well from drought conditions because it has a shallow root system. Successful production is due almost entirely to its short growing season. It matures in 65-70 days. Foxtail millet can be planted when it is too late to plant most other crops. It forms a slender, erect, leafy stem varying in height from 1-5 ft. Seeds are borne in a spike-like, compressed panicle resembling yellow foxtail, green foxtail, or giant foxtail. The grains are very similar to paddy rice in grain structure. They contain an outer husk, which needs to be removed in order to be used.


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