Winter Care Package

Winter Care Package


Yak Milk Lavender Soap 100gm  

(Coconut oil, sunflower, palm oil, olive oil, pasteurized yak milk, lavender oil, honey, limonene)

  • Draws the impurities out of the skin and balances the oil of the yak milk
  • Helps for anti-aging and keeps skin healthy and young.
  • Deeply cleanses skin and adds nutrients, stimulates blood circulation and tones up the skin.
  • Helps to exfoliate the dead cells, cleanses blemishes and rejuvenate the skin.  Especially good for dry, normal and mature skin.




Lip Balm (Orange/ Double Mint Flavor )

  • Keeps your lips moisturized.
  • Rich anti-oxidants protects from damages caused due to uv rays.
  • Good for mature skin too.


Body Balm ( Olive oil, Beewax, grape, Tea tree, Coconut oil, Vitamin E)

  • Helps to soothe irritated cracked skin and insect bites.
  • Good for dry and chapped skin.


Pure Sweet Almond  Oil ( Almond, Vitamin A , B1, b2, b6, and E,

  •  Helps the skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture.
  • Highly beneficial for dry skin treatment.
  • Can be used to relieve muscular aches and pains and make great massage oil.
  • Helps hair growth and hair conditioning.
  • Very good for sensitive skin and
  •  anti-wrinkle too.


Yogi sandalwood Massage oil (olive, winter cherry, asparagus) 12 ml

  • Cooling and calming tonic for mind and skin.

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